Q: What kind of products will be published for VTES?
A: Our first products are 120 card bundles available as print-on-demand from DriveThruCards.com. These first products will be focused on the new expansion Lost Kindred and reprints of the last two sets Keepers of Tradition and Heirs to the Blood, containing cards that have been hard to get hold of. We aim to rekindle the existing player base with these first products. After this, new products will appear on print-on-demand on a regular basis, but we also aim to create a beginner friendly product that will be produced and distributed in a different fashion (hopefully to your local game store).

Q: What?! Will there never be booster packs again? Will VTES become a LCG?
A: The initial model for our products will be fixed-content bundles available via print-on-demand from DriveThruCards.com. We are also developing fixed-content products for game stores. We do not anticipate creating randomized-content products, but we’re considering developing products suitable for a limited tournament format.

Q: So VTES will be sold in game stores?
A: We do have products planned for brick and mortar game stores. Our business model includes both print-on-demand and traditional distribution. Getting products up on DriveThruCards.com was the fastest and easiest thing for us to implement, so we got that done first to bring V:TES back to the community as quickly as possible.

Q: Why don’t you do a real Kickstarter for VTES?
A: We may use Kickstarter to fund new sets (principally the artwork), but we also want to support your local game store as much as we can and get players who have not yet come across VTES into the game.

Q: How does DriveThruCards work? How do I buy cards?
A: You make an order. You pay. The cards are printed in the USA and then shipped to you. You receive cards and you become happy!

Q: Why is the DriveThruCards shipping so expensive for non-US countries?
A: It is a normal cost. DriveThruCards use tracked packages and charge a small handling fee, but the majority of the cost is calculated based on mass of the package.

Q: This game sounds awesome! But I am a beginner, what do I need to play? Are the first Black Chantry products enough?
A: Black Chantry WILL produce more beginner friendly products a bit later – stay tuned for more news about this! But the very first products from us are not enough to build playable decks. What you need is some ”base cards”, mainly common cards. Try to get hold of any old starter decks. These are still available from some stores. You can also try to buy cheap bulk cards from stores or Ebay. Or simple ask active players to give you what you need to get started – many are willing to do so to promote the game.

Q: Will there also be a totally customizable print-on-demand, so that one can buy 120 VTES cards in any combination?
A: We are currently reviewing the existing card base and updating the card text to match our current templating. As that project progresses, we’ll publish more reprint bundles as we’ve done for Keepers of Tradition. When a sufficient number of reprinted cards is available, we’ll consider implementing a customizable print-on-demand system.

Q: Will there be a “print my own card” function for VTES cards?
A: The ability to create your own cards on DriveThruCards.com is a fantastic feature and we fully intend to take advantage of it. It’ll take some time to implement it, but we’ll be sure to announce details when that information is available.

Q: What will the new cards cost?
A: The first 120 card bundles at DriveThruCards.com will cost $24. That is $0.2 per card – regardless of previous rarity. Later products might have a different cost, but prices will be flat rate. Our aim is that VTES never will be a “pay to win” game.

Q: What happens to card rarity? Will there be rare, uncommon and common cards?
A: No. Card rarity in the traditional sense is no more, although some cards will appear more or less in each bundle based on perceived utility.

Q: What are the card backs on the new cards?
A: Same as for Berlin Anthology set – normal VTES card backs, but without the lower logo.

Q: Will the cards have a new front side layout?
A: Not in the first products, but possibly later. This would be a large project, so we are really careful with making that move.

Q: The card base is HUGE, over 3600 unique cards. Will you create new tournament formats?
A: No, not at this point.

Q: Will there be rules changes?
A: Yes, but not drastic ones, at least not now. Cards will be vetted, some errata will occur and general templating will make cards easier to understand.

Q: Will there be a new, improved rulebook?
A: Yes, there will be a clearer, improved rulebook.

Q: Will ALL old cards be reprinted?
A: No, not all cards will be reprinted. Some cards will be removed for clarity, some have artwork that cannot be reprinted, and others will not be reprinted as they have little game value (Tortured Confession, still looking at you kid!), but in general most cards that are used will return over time.

Q: Why isn´t card X reprinted immediately?
A: The main reasons are a) the card sucks, b) we cannot reprint everything at once, c) the card is withheld because of rules problems or game balance issues, possibly needing errata, or d) it may require new artwork.

Q: How do you cooperate with White Wolf?
A: White Wolf Entertainment own the World of Darkness and all related properties, and we are the licensees. This means they review everything we do. Everything we do must be in line with their vision for World of Darkness, and all future products of ours will, in great extent, follow their guidelines for the updated setting, visually and otherwise.

Q: So what happens with the cards from the VEKN-created expansions?
A: They will remain legal for V:EKN tournament play and they’re on our roadmap for future publication. We don’t have estimated release dates at this time.

Q: Will the Anthology set be made available again?
A: We’re actively working on making the Anthology set available, but we don’t have an estimated release date at this time.

Q: Will VTES be published in other languages than English?
A: Yes, at some point we hope to make that possible, but not in the immediate future. We have had a number of distributors reach out to us asking about this, and we will work with partners where we can to make this a reality.

Q: Will Black Chantry Productions pay for art?
A: Yes, absolutely. Any art that is used in print will be paid for. If you want to contribute with art, mail our art director gines.quinonero@blackchantry.com.

Q: What is to become of VEKN?
A: VEKN will continue to be the VTES player organisation.

Q: Currently printed proxies are allowed in some tournaments – will that end?
A: Yes, that will end at some point in the future, but not in the immediate future. No new cards (for example Lost Kindred) will be published as printable PDFs.

Q: Will Black Chantry Productions provide tournaments with prize support, like promo cards?
A: This is our intent, yes, though we will need some funds to pay for artwork, etc.

Q: How will playtesting of new cards work?
A: We will reach out through the player community to find playgroups for testing, who will sign non-disclosure agreements. But of course ideas for new cards and mechanics are always welcome – just post a submission on the VEKN.net forum.

Q: Will there be Storyline tournaments?
A: We will continue to develop and work with the community to produce story driven content.

Do you have more questions? Please contact us by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.