Our vision

Black Chantry Productions make games because we love games, and our passion will reflect in our business decisions. Our first and foremost project will be Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, a unique game that holds a special place in our hearts.

We want to secure the future of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle by attracting, supporting and rekindling players all over the world. We will produce cards, both reprints and new. We will continue the current design process, now in concert with Paradox Interactive, our licensor and the developers of the World of Darkness brands and story plots.

We are to use whatever form of publishing and distribution that is appropriate, be it print on demand, crowdfunding or traditional retail channels. In time, we really want the game to have a presence in your local game store.

We want the player community to be involved in the production of the game. This means transparency in our processes, with perpetual customer dialogue, community playtesting and promotion of game events.

We are to attract many new players, but any actions taken to further this end will be made with the current player base in mind.

Black Chantry Productions will start slowly and grow organically to secure the future of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. In the long run, we aim to become a thriving company with several product lines and many satisfied customers.

For more about us and our plans, please read our FAQ.