Who are we?

Black Chantry Productions are five very experienced and enthusiastic gamers:

Hugh Angseesing – CEO
Has coordinated playtesting for six V:TES expansions.
Daytime activity: Financial Analyst in Nottingham, England.
Started playing V:TES: 1994.
Favourite Vampire clan: “Tzimisce, because change is inevitable and if change fails you, stabbing your enemies with sharp bits of your body is a good way to get their attention.”

Ben Peal – Product Director
Lead Developer of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle since 2011. Co-author of the Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Player’s Guide and designer of the starter decks for the Heirs to the Blood expansion published by White Wolf Publishing.
Daytime activity: Storage System Administrator in Boston, USA.
Started playing V:TES: 1994.
Favourite Vampire clan: “Followers of Set, because they have the most variety of deck types and because of their mythos and mystique.”

Ginés Quiñonero Santiago – Art Director
Coordinated all artwork for the six most recent V:TES expansions, as well as created many pieces himself.
Daytime activity: Art Teacher with PhD in Fine Art in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Started playing V:TES: 1994.
Favourite Vampire clan: “Baali, because of the tremendous power they hold, despite of their drawback, and the great variety of decks one can build around them.”

Henrik Klippström – Marketing Director
Daytime activity: Journalist and Media Analyst in Stockholm, Sweden.
Started playing V:TES: 1994.
Favourite Vampire clan: “Tremere, because of their treacherous background, awesome canon characters and stiff manners.”

Vincent Ripoll – Rules Director
Responsible for the card templating of the last five V:TES expansions, and continue being so at Black Chantry Productions.
Daytime activity: Software Developer in Paris, France.
Started playing V:TES: 2005.
Favourite Vampire clan: “Baali, because I like the high difficulty/high reward system, and they went along well with the Followers of Set, my first V:TES starter deck.”