Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Code of Ethics

The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle players’ organization Vampire: Elder Kindred Network has published a code of ethics document to remind members, event organizers and other parties to look after each other and be respectful of differences.

Read the document: VEKN Code of Ethics (also found under “Utilities” at and under “Rules” at

Happy birthday Vampire: The Eternal Struggle!

Happy Birthday VTES

On August 17 1994 the first Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards hit the shelves of stores all around the world. Today we celebrate this was 25 years ago.

Much influence has been transferred since then, and many mortals have been drained by hunting. Many heavy bleeds have landed, but many have also been redirected to enemies of the enemy. Many votes have been cast, and many referendums have been delayed. Many deals have been done – and broken! Many foolish blocks have been made, and many minions have been staked, fangpulled and burned by sunlight. There has been much excitement among Methuselahs, and much laughter!

Fury rages and bitterness boils in-game, but great friendships form in both local and global communities. Thousands of tournaments have been played, and many great champions will never be forgotten. Every day kitchen tables all around the world are flooded with cards. And this game never ends, so sort your blood counters and shuffle your deck!

VTES is more undead than ever
Since April 2018, Black Chantry Productions are the proud publishers of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. With the great support of our licensor White Wolf Entertainment and the player community Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (VEKN), we have produced no less than ten products in just this first year:

Moving on – this happens in 2019:

– August 17: The 25th Anniversary set with the powerful “Reign of Stanislava” deck and more.

– September: Five First Blood introductory decks, starring clans Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere and Ventrue.

– Late 2019: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Fifth Edition, a boxed set with five or six Camarilla-themed decks, blood counters, a rewritten rulebook and everything else you need to play.

Translation work for products in Brazilian Portuguese and Russian has begun, and more languages are planned.

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Production update February 14th, 2019

Dear Community,

Black Chantry Productions have discovered that the new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards (pre-constructed decks and Anthology I) produced by our printing partner Cartamundi have a 5 mm corner cut rather than 3 mm.

How this happened:
Cartamundi made an error copying their instructions from their sales order side to their factory. They are very apologetic about the error and so are we – this is not how we want to celebrate new cards being out in the community.

What this means:
The cards will require opaque sleeves to make them tournament legal when mixed with cards of other editions.

How we avoid this in future:
1. Cartamundi will now provide hardcopy proofing to enable spotting of cutting errors, rather than the digital proofs we currently have (which does not allow us to spot such mistakes).
2. Cartamundi have added additional notes to our customer file to ensure all orders go through as 3 mm corners.

All future print runs will have the 3 mm corners, and note that cards produced by DriveThruCards do not have the cutting error.

In the meantime, you can look forward to a new set of promotional cards that will be sent out to distributors and retailers to enable support for the community.

Thank you,
Black Chantry Productions