Promo Pack 1 is now available!

Promo Pack 1 is a fixed assortment of 56 crypt cards, intended as promotional material for retailers and support for organizers of tournaments and other events. No normal resale! The bundle is available directly from Black Chantry Productions (for organizers) or from distributors (for retailers).

10 Lord Tremere
10 Mithras
10 Montano
10 The Capuchin
10 The Dracon
1 Helena Advanced
1 Karsh Advanced
1 Menele Advanced
1 Nergal
1 Nergal Advanced
1 Yazid Tamari Advanced

Create your own VTES cards – and have them printed!

Yes, it is true. With, you can now create your own cards for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Choose artwork, card names and effects, then have the cards printed and sent to you.

  • Upload your own images or use images already uploaded. Please be sure you have the right to use images you upload (Most images found online are copyright protected).
  • All cards come with “Not for legal play” text – that means they are not legal in VEKN sanctioned tournament play.
  • Cards created sell for $0.50 each.
  • Minimum order is 10 cards.


Production update January 29th, 2019

1) Black Chantry Productions now have our first US distributor for the European printed products: KGS Cards, found at More distributors are interested and are hopefully added soon!

2) We continue to do print-on-demand on, and now we also test providing the “European” tuckboxes for these print-on-demand products. The test will apply for Anthology I, available February 16th. We love feedback on the tuckboxes, as they cost more to produce and are not optional for the buyer. Comment on Facebook, Twitter or

For more information about distribution: Buy and sell our products

Four new starter deck lists revealed – and we have a release date

Recently the deck lists for the four upcoming Vampire: The Eternal Struggle preconstructed starter decks have been revealed at We are delighted by all kind and appreciative words about these – it is a joy working with this game and its fans! If you missed the decks, please have a look here:

Den of Fiends – Clan Tzimisce

Libertine Ball – Clan Toreador antitribu

Pact with Nephandi – Clan Tremere antitribu

Parliament of Shadows – Clan Lasombra

Yet some individual new cards and artwork have not been spoiled – keep an eye on and our Facebook and Twitter channels for this in the coming weeks.

The official release date for the decks are February 16, 2019.

UPDATE: Anthology 1 will also be available for sale February 16, 2019.

If you are a distributor or a store owner and want to sell these products, please mail us at

If you want to discuss the contents of these decks with us and other VTES players, visit the forum or Facebook-group of V:EKN, the official player organisation of the game.

New year – new starter decks!

Q1 2019 precons

Four new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle preconstructed decks are scheduled for release in first quarter 2019, available both in stores and as print-on-demand on Drivethrucards.

Each of the four decks focuses on one vampire clan and consists of 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards. They are ready for play out of the box or customisable with other Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards. Included are brand new cards anticipated by existing players, but also many staple cards needed to introduce new players to the game.

The decks are:
Den of Fiends – Clan Tzimisce
Libertine Ball – Clan Toreador antitribu
Pact with Nephandi – Clan Tremere antitribu
Parliament of Shadows – Clan Lasombra

This is the first taste of what Black Chantry Productions has in the pipeline for 2019 – both more preconstructed decks, reprint bundles and other products are in development. Stay tuned to and our social media channels for more news!

Our site:
Facebook: @blackchantry
Twitter: @Black_Chantry