Ally with power

There are some vampires whose names are whispered through the ages. Among the eldest, most powerful of their clans, legendary for their cunning and physical prowess, masters of intrigue and warfare. Dare you ask these mighty methuselahs for favors? The cost is high, but the profit can be truly immense…

The Humble Bundle Exclusive VTES Set is a fixed assortment of 10 crypt cards for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle: two each of Lord Tremere, Mithras, Montano, The Capuchin and The Dracon. They were originally produced in PDF form by the player organization VEKN in 2015, but can now for the first time be purchased as physical cards. For now, you can only get them through this Humble RPG Book Bundle, so part of your money goes to charity!

This how you get the physical cards:

1. Buy this White Wolf Humble RPG Book Bundle at least at the $8 level – you chose how much of this money that goes to charity!

2. Go to to get the items in the Humble Bundle, which include a PDF set of the cards.

3. When you download that PDF set, you get a link in the confirmation mail from Drivethrucards with an offer to buy the physical cards. Each set of 10 cards cost $2.99. You can buy more than one bundle if you want to, as well as other products.

Production update September 19th, 2018

Hi community

We are currently waiting for our initial order from Cartamundi to be released by the Belgian factory.

The order was slightly delayed due to their investigation around misprints we encountered which meant we missed our shipping window at the end of August.

This order contain Lost Kindred and Keepers of Tradition bundles 1 and 2. We have a range of distributors lined up in Europe, Asia and Australia and will be shipping to them as soon as we receive the product at head office in the UK.

Expected delivery is now around 28th September.

Once we receive that order we can begin with future orders (Heirs to the Blood bundles and something special) and get those out to the community.

Keep on bleeding,

Hugh Angseesing
CEO Black Chantry Productions
Nottingham, UK

Heirs to the Blood reprint bundles are now available!

Two new products for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle from Black Chantry Productions are now available for purchase at DriveThruCards: Heirs to the Blood reprint bundles 1 and 2. Each bundle contains a selection of 120 cards first printed in the original Heirs to the Blood set. Bundle 1 is focused on clans Baali, Blood Brothers, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Nagaraja and Samedi. Bundle 2 is focused on clans Ahrimanes, Daughters of Cacophony, Kiasyd, Salubri, Salubri antitribu and True Brujah. Included are also some highly demanded cards useable in many decks, like Cavalier, Dabbler and Wider View. Check out the product page to see the exact content of each bundle. Order now at…

First new products are available!

We are very happy to announce that Black Chantry Productions now has made their first three Vampire: The Eternal Struggle products available for print on demand on It is one brand new expansion, designed by the VEKN Design team, illustrated by top notch artists and carefully tested by hundreds of playtesters for more than one year. The other two products are reprint bundles of Keepers of Tradition cards that are highly desired by players who could not get their hands on enough of them back when they were originally printed. Congratulations VTES players all over the world – our beloved game is back in print!

Lost Kindred

120 brand new cards for five bloodlines, never printed before. For card previews and more details about this set, see the card list page. Order on

Keepers of Tradition reprint bundle 1

120 cards focused on Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian and Nosferatu. Contains 1 new crypt card, never printed before! Order on

Keepers of Tradition reprint bundle 2

120 cards focused on Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue and Caitiff. Contains 2 new crypt cards, never printed before! Order on