LIMITED OFFER: Anarchs Unbound

During a period in the 2010´s, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle was not in print, but the player community continued to create new cards. Most of these have never been printed – until now! Black Chantry Productions proudly presents:

Anarchs Unbound

This set is a fixed assortment of 90 cards to add to your Vampire: The Eternal Struggle collection. It focuses on the Anarch sect, and contains:
– 48 crypt cards, from new acquaintances such as Salvador Garcia, Vulture and The Medic, to new variants of old favorites such as Appolonius, Maldavis and Dancin’ Dana.
– 42 library cards displaying various schemes and tactics of the Anarchs, such as Adhocracy, Hackerspace and Protection Racket.


The contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the bundle.

2 Appolonius (Adv) – Brujah
2 Salvador Garcia – Brujah
2 Ariane – Brujah
2 Gengis (Adv) – Brujah
2 Marguerite Foccart (Adv) – Brujah
2 Jenna Cross – Caitiff
2 Tori Longwood – Caitiff
2 Maldavis (Adv) – Caitiff
2 Zack North (Adv) – Gangrel
2 Crow – Gangrel
2 Danielle Diron (Adv) – Gangrel
2 Vulture – Gangrel
2 Dancin’ Dana (Adv) – Malkavian
2 Philip van Vermeer IV – Malkavian
2 Sundown (Adv) – Nosferatu
2 The Medic – Nosferatu
2 Victor Gerard – Toreador
2 Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian – Ravnos
2 Irena – Ravnos (NEW ART)
2 Javier Montoya (Adv) – Tremere
2 Monica Chang – Tremere
2 Daliah – Tzimisce
2 Boss Callihan (Adv) – Ventrue
2 Louis Fortier (Adv) – Ventrue

2 Adhocracy
3 Bollix (NEW ART)
1 Carfax Abbey
3 Donnybrook (NEW ART)
3 Dust Up
2 Eat the Rich (NEW ART)
2 Field Training
3 Guardian Vigil
2 Hackerspace
3 Illegalism
2 Legacy
3 Make the Misere
2 Memory Rift
2 Netwar (NEW ART)
2 Ni Dieu ni Maître (NEW ART)
3 Propaganda of the Deed
2 Protection Racket
2 The Red Question


Irena. Art by Carmen Cornet.
Appolonius (Advanced). Art by Ginés Quiñonero.
Boss Callihan (Advanced). Art by Mark Kelly.
Eat the Rich by Peter Bergting.
Donnybrook by Esther Sanz.
Netwar by María Lorén.
Ni Dieu ni Maître by Martín de Diego.
Propaganda of the Deed by Javier Santos.

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