Legacy card singles in bundles

VTES Legacy bundles

You can either pick and mix our Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Legacy card singles freely, or buy fixed bundles based on clan or discipline – at a discount! The bundles make it easier if you need a complete set, or for example if you want two of each crypt card of a certain clan.

Available so far:
– Assamite crypt cards
– Assamite library cards
– Quietus cards
– Followers of Set crypt cards
– Followers of Set library cards
– Serpentis cards
– Giovanni crypt cards
– Giovanni library cards
– Necromancy cards
– Lasombra crypt cards
– Lasombra library cards
– Obtenebration cards
– All Legacy single cards

You find the bundles at Drivethrucards.com and Gamepod.

Complete lists of the contents in each bundle can be viewed in these sheets (note bottom tabs).

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