First Blood: Nosferatu

First Blood is a collection of five 55-card preconstructed decks for introductory games of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. These decks are simpler than tournament level decks, but showcase all the basic mechanics of the game. They are balanced, for a fun and exciting first try of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. They are fully functional cards, ready to mix with cards from other sets.

To make Vampire: The Eternal Struggle more accessible to new players, Black Chantry will make these introductory decks available to retailers at a reduced price compared to our other products.

Clan Nosferatu are horrors, grotesquely deformed by the Embrace. They hide in shadows and underground darkness, commanding animals as spies and allies in battle.

This deck is all-round – it has stealth to land key actions with precision, a strong reaction module and a brutal Animalism combat package.

Additional languages: Spanish, French

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

Crypt: (6 cards)
1 Beetleman
1 Benjamin Rose
1 Gustaphe Brunnelle
1 Harold Tanner
1 Jeremy ‘Wix’ Wyzchovsky
1 Petra

Library: (49 cards)
1 Animalism
3 Blood Doll
1 Fame
1 Labyrinth, The
1 Powerbase: Montreal
1 Slum Hunting Ground

3 Ambush
1 Army of Rats
3 Computer Hacking
1 J. S. Simmons, Esq.
1 Laptop Computer
2 Raven Spy

3 Cloak the Gathering
3 Lost in Crowds

6 Aid from Bats
5 Carrion Crows

3 Cats’ Guidance
3 Forced Awakening
3 Guard Dogs
2 Instinctive Reaction
2 On the Qui Vive

1 rules reference card

Note: Cellophane wrapped only – no tuckbox.

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