Fifth Edition: Ravnos

The Ravnos are nomadic vampires, always staying one step ahead of the doom that lurks in their blood to preserve their lineage. These daredevils and tricksters seek risks in unlife and are often hired for espionage and sabotage, fitting well with their mastery of disguise and distraction.

This deck is about charm and misdirection. Your vampires use their powers of Obfuscate and Presence to distract and manipulate foes, undermining their power. For protection you rely on animal spies and guards, and yet more illusions to turn even the mightiest threat completely harmless.

This is a deck with 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards, ready for play out of the box or customizable with other Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards. Each player needs a deck to play.

SKU: BCP040, FR040, ES040
Additional languages: French, Spanish
MSRP: £20 / €22 / $24

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

Crypt (12)
1 Doc Martina (NEW)
1 Gathii (NEW)
1 Roberto Rivamonte (NEW)
1 Jean-François (NEW)
1 Luciano Carvalho (NEW)
1 Oleg Kaprizov (NEW)
1 Phaibun (NEW)
1 Roy (NEW)
2 Sreelekha (NEW)
1 Trung Chau Pham (NEW)
1 Zafira (NEW)

Library (77)
1 Archon Investigation
3 Blood Doll
1 Club Illusion
1 Fortune Teller Shop
1 Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
1 Park Hunting Ground
1 Powerbase: Los Angeles
1 Week of Nightmares

8 Break the Bonds (NEW)
1 Entrancement

1 Shilmulo Tarot
1 Treasured Samadji

1 City Star Taxi
4 Feral Hound (NEW)

4 Cloak the Gathering
4 Lost in Crowds
4 Swallowed By the Night
3 Veil the Legions
4 Visions of Gehenna (NEW)

2 Pack Alpha
4 Majesty
2 Voracious Vermin (NEW)

4 Guard Dogs
4 Cats’ Guidance
4 On the Qui Vive
4 Protection Racket
4 Night Terrors (NEW)
4 Visions of Zapathasura (NEW)


Doc Martina. Art by Mark Kelly.
Night Terrors VTES Samuel Araya
Night Terrors. Art by Samuel Araya.
VTES Zafira Ravnos Noora Hirvonen
Zafira. Art by Noora Hirvonen.
Trung Chau Pham. Art by Mark Kelly.
Visions of Zapathasura. Art by Ginés Quiñonero.
Phaibun. Art by Amy Wilkins.
Visions of Gehenna. Art by Felipe Headley.
Gathii. Art by Noora Hirvonen.
Sreelekha. Art by Ken Meyer Jr.
Roberto Rivamonte. Art by Gínes Quiñonero,
Feral Hound. Art by Peter Scholtz.
Jean François. Art by Ken Meyer Jr.
Oleg Kaprizov. Art by Noora Hirvonen.
Roy. Art by Ken Meyer Jr.
Voracious Vermin. Art by Peter Scholtz.
Luciano Carvalho VTES Gabriel de Góes
Luciano Carvalho. Art by Gabriel de Góes.
Break the Bonds VTES Cos Koniotis
Break the Bonds. Art by Cos Koniotis.

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