Fifth Edition: Tzimisce

The Tzimisce were once noble tyrants of Eastern Europe, but in modern nights they covet power worldwide. For them control is all. They aim to take what you thought was yours and then jealously guard their possessions like a dragon guards its hoard.

This deck is a versatile toolbox. Your vampires use mind-altering Dominate powers to gain influence and undermine opponents. In combat they can turn into bats or mist to escape, or rework their bodies into monstrous forms to seriously wreck their foes. For defense you rely on animal spies and hideous ghoul servants.

This is a deck with 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards, ready for play out of the box or customizable with other Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards. Each player needs a deck to play.

SKU: BCP042, FR042, ES042
Additional languages: French, Spanish
MSRP: £20 / €22 / $24

Contents are detailed below. The number before each card is the number of copies of that card in the deck.

2 Adrino Manauara (NEW)
2 Ángel Guerrero (NEW)
2 Branimira (NEW)
1 Neserian (NEW)
1 Clara Hjortshøj (NEW)
1 Whisper (NEW)
1 Marialena (NEW)
1 Prentis Derby (NEW)
1 Susie Kano (NEW)

1 Anarch Revolt
1 Anarch Free Press, The
1 Barrens, The
3 Blood Doll
1 Haven Uncovered
1 Library Hunting Ground
1 Papillon
2 Piper

2 Childe of the Revolution
1 Constant Revolution
6 Govern the Unaligned

3 Revenant
1 Homunculus

2 Underbridge Stray
1 Vozhd of Sofia (NEW)
2 War Ghoul

1 Living Manse

3 Foreshadowing Destruction
3 Earth Control
3 Invigorate (NEW)

3 Form of Mist
2 Form of the Bat
4 Monstrous Form (NEW)
4 Obedient Flesh (NEW)
4 Sculpt the Flesh (NEW)

3 Bait and Switch
4 Cats’ Guidance
3 Deflection
4 One With the Land (NEW)
4 On the Qui Vive
3 Organized Resistance


Prentis Derby. Art by Christian Byrne.
Marialena. Art by Maria Lorén.
VTES Marialena Maria Lorén
Marialena. Art by Maria Lorén.
VTES Obefient Flesh Martin de Diego Sábada
Obedient Flesh. Art by Martin de Diego Sábada.
Adrino Manauara. Art by Amy Wilkins.
VTES Invigorate Ginés Quiñonero
Invigorate. Art by Ginés Quiñonero.
One With the Land. Art by Riccardo Fabiani.
Ángel Guerrero. Art by Camille Défarge.
Vozhd of Sofia. Art by Samuel Araya.
Branimira. Art by Mark Kelly.
Susie Kano. Art by María Lorén.
Monsterous Form. Art by Alan Mayoral.
Sculpt the Flesh. Art by Christian Byrne.
Clara Hjortshøj. Art by Heather V Kreiter.
Neserian Heather V Kreiter VTES
Neserian. Art by Heather V Kreiter.
Whisper VTES Gines Quinonero
Whisper. Art by Ginés Quiñonero.

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