Storyline: The Fall of London

The Fall of London is a story supplement book for the Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game. The book tells the story of the return of the great Methuselah Mithras, and the downfall of the Kindred court of London at the hands of the Second Inquisition.

In the VTES Storyline Pack you will find the story to accompany the Fall of London card set, and rules for playing a limited format game of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle which will allow you to tell your own version of that story.

Download the Fall of London Storyline Pack
(One document with the rules in English, French, Spanish, Latin)

Download Storyline cards – English

Download Storyline cards – French

Download Storyline cards – Spanish

Download Storyline cards – Latin


Question: The rules document mentions ”any minion controlled by any Methuselah may perform an action to equip with an artefact equipment.”, but the artefact cards say ”Any vampire can equip with this card” – what is correct, minion or vampire?
Answer: Go with “any vampire” as per the card text instead of “any minion” from the rules sheet.

Question: What happens to an artefact that is burned from play?
Answer: The burned equipment should be returned to the middle of the table.

Question: The printed copy of Ritual Goblet has a 1 pool cost. Is this cost true also when you equip from the center of the table?
Answer: The cost still applies when equipping from the center. To steal from another minion the cost does not apply.

Question: Is equipping from the center of the table a equip action, so that effects affecting such actions triggers? (Example: Carmen)
Answer: Yes, it is an equip action.

Question: Once Mithras is in play, if he is burned from play, does he go to the current controlling player’s ash heap?
Answer: Yes, if burned, send Mithras to the controller’s ash heap.

Question: Can the ”I now have the 5 artefact in my Influence phase” be used to take control of Mithras more than once per game?
Answer: No, it can only happen once per game.

Question: Normally in clan-based storyline events, Recalled to the Founder is banned, however it is not listed in the banned cards for this one. Is Recalled to the Founder banned or not?
Answer: Yes, Recalled to the Founder is banned in all Storyline events that uses the ”75 percent one clan rule” for crypt construction.

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