Welcome European Grand Prix sponsor Ultra Pro!

The V:EKN and Black Chantry Productions are proud to announce that game accessory manufacturers Ultra Pro are sponsoring the 2018-2019 Vampire European Grand Prix circuit. For all the events in the circuit, the company will provide for attendance prize of unique V:TES Playmat designed solely for the European Grand Prix circuit. So attending at least one of the five GP tournaments will give you one copy of the wickedly evil V:TES playmat featuring Evil Jensen.

The playmats, designed by our own Ginés Quiñonero Santiago with art by Chad Michael Ward, will be coming from printers in spring 2019, but participants of this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix in Bologna will get their playmats, even if some months after the actual event.

Like 2018, Ultra Pro will also support the 2019 European Championships, this time in Paris during August. And they will also be supporting larger European National Championships in 2019 based on 2018 attendance. Thank you Ultra Pro!