Pick a card, any card!

Our holiday gift to all lovers of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a glimpse of the future. Today Black Chantry Productions have made available 113 cards for print-on-demand on Drivethrucards.com. The big difference to our previous offers on this platform is that these cards are not fixed to certain amounts in a bundle. Instead you can pick and choose freely! You can get 10 of one card or 5 of two cards or 1 of 10 different cards, as long as you end up with a minimum of 10 cards.

These first cards are all Assamite and Quietus cards, 57 crypt cards and 56 library cards. All have been set to the “modern” layout and edited to the current wording. A few cards have had some minor changes:

  • Al-Ashrad, Amr of Alamut can now burn locations requiring any clan (not only Camarilla clans).
  • Qadir ul-Ghani: The clan he changes to must be another clan than the clan to which he currently belongs.
  • Ur-Shulgi, The Shepherd: The Tajdid that is retrieved from the library is now revealed.
  • Zahir, Hand of the Silsila: The contract that is retrieved from the library is now revealed.

So what do we mean by “a glimpse of the future”? While Black Chantry will continue to produce preconstructed decks and fixed bundles, this will be another way to get Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards. More cards will be added to the “pick and choose” offer on Drivethrucards during 2020. 

Seasons greetings to all VTES fans!

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