Kickstarter week 3! A message from the Art Department

Hi! The Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Unleashed Kickstarter is funded. Some new pledge levels and add-ons have been added, and now we look forward to reaching some stretch goals.

This time we share a video greeting from Ginés Quiñonero, Art Director at Black Chantry Productions, who shows some of all the fantastic art in the Unleashed sets. The artists he mentions are Ari Targownik, Carmen Cornet, Gábor Németh, Heather Kreiter, Javier Santos, Krasim Maximov, María Lorén, Mark Kelly, Mitch Mueller, Nicolas “Dimple” Bigot, Peter Bergting, Riccardo Fabiani and Samuel Araya.

We extend our deep gratitude to them and all the other artists that have illustrated these card sets – it feels great to finally pay you all for your work, with the help of this Kickstarter campaign. We love “our” artists, and from what we notice in social media, VTES players love them too!

To the Kickstarter: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Unleashed

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