Vampire: The Eternal Struggle production update May 2022

Originally published in the Vampire: Elder Kindred Network newsletter:

Greetings, fellow Kindred! It’s been a good while since I provided an update on where we at Black Chantry are at with Vampire: The Eternal Struggle releases and what’s down the road. Last year, we had the release of the Banu Haqim, Brujah, Gangrel, and Ministry pre-constructed decks, as well as the successful Kickstarter for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Unleashed. Additionally, we made available on the legacy reprints of Followers of Set, Giovanni, Lasombra, and Ravnos, and Latin translations of the Fifth Edition decks.

So far this year, we’ve made the English language versions of the Fifth Edition decks available on Drivethrucards, as well as legacy reprints of Pander, Salubri, and Tzimisce. April saw the release of the New Blood introductory decks for Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue. We’re presently waiting for the artwork to be complete for the Fall of London storyline set. Mike Nudd is the lead designer for it, and he also is a co-author of the Fall of London book for Vampire: The Masquerade. We’re expecting a summer release for that set.

We have a change in plans for what’s coming after Fall of London. We had originally planned to release a follow-up set for the Camarilla, filling out the Group 6 crypts and adding new library cards for them. However, with the heavy Camarilla themes of the New Blood decks and Fall of London, we felt we’d be oversaturating you with Camarilla-related cards. We’re presently planning for these cards – including the new Justicars! – to be in your hands in first quarter of 2023.

Coming after Fall of London, planned for the fourth of 2022, is another wave of pre-constructed decks. This time they’ll be Ravnos, Salubri, and Tzimisce, updated accordingly for the Vampire: The Masquerade V5 canon. We’re presently vetting the templating and mechanics of the cards and we’ll have them sent off for playtesting in June. We’ll have more information for you about those as we get closer to their release.

Heading into 2023, there’s the aforementioned Camarilla follow-up set, and following that we’ll have pre-constructed decks for the Lasombra and Hecata. We’ll also be wanting to release follow-up sets for all of the clans, as we’re definitely not done creating crypt and library cards for them. I’m frequently asked when we’ll be making new cards for the Sabbat. We’re very early in the concept and planning stages for the Sabbat, so they’re further down the production timeline, but we’re definitely excited for them.

I wish you all great summer nights and I look forward to seeing you at tournaments this year!

– Ben Peal, Product Director Black Chantry Productions

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