Promo Pack 4 is now available!

Time for another promo pack for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle! As usual, this is a special 54 card product intended as promotional material for retailers and support for organizers of tournaments and other events.

Promo Pack 4 is a mix of cards that has already been hard-to-get promos and older cards that needed a reprint but did not yet fit in a normal Vampire: The Eternal Struggle product from Black Chantry:

5x Ambush (New art by Mitch Mueller)
5x Bolesław Gutowski
5x Conquer the Beast (New art by Francisco Tébar)
5x Depravity (New art by Cos Koniotis)
5x Gabriel Tremblay
5x Jake Washington (New art by Marta Ruiz Anguera)
5x Kuyén
5x Maila
4x The Meddling of Semsith
5x Mind of the Wilds
5x Tegyrius, Vizier

No normal resale! The bundle is available directly from Black Chantry Productions (for organizers) or from distributors (for retailers).

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