Vampire: The Eternal Struggle FAQ

How do I buy Vampire: The Eternal Struggle?
– VTES cards no longer come in randomized booster packs, but in fixed bundles and preconstructed decks. These are sold both in stores through normal distribution, and on print-on-demand on

My local game store doesn’t have VTES, how can I help them get it?
– Please show them the list of our current distributors found on, and ask them to get stock from any one of these.

What VTES sets are available today?
Lost Kindred – bundle with new cards for improving bloodlines.
Keepers of Tradition 1 and 2 – reprint bundle of the 2008 set.
Heirs to the Blood 1 and 2 – reprint bundle of the 2010 set.
– Anthology 1 – bundle with mix of popular reprints and new cards.
four Sabbat-themed preconstructed decks – Lasombra, Toreador Antitribu, Tremere Antitribu and Tzimisce (reprints and new cards).
25th Anniversary – preconstructed Gangrel deck plus one new vampire (Grimgroth) and additional reprints.
Check out for detailed content lists for each product!

What VTES products are planned for the future?
– In September the five First Blood introductory decks. In late 2019 come the next core set for VTES, the 5 (or 6) deck Camarilla-themed boxed set. Translated products are also in the pipeline; first Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. And much more is planned!

Where can I find VTES tournaments in my area?
– One way is to check out the Event Calendar on On that site you also can find contact information for the VEKN volunteers near your location – there are currently 34 National coordinators and 166 City coordinators (yes, they are called “princes”!) Another easy way is to ask in the forum on or in any of the numerous Facebook groups about VTES – players are always glad to help new players.

How can I join the player organisation VEKN?
– You join VEKN by playing a sanctioned tournament. You will receive a membership number and player ranking.

Do you have other questions? You are very welcome to ask Black Chantry directly, either by e-mail to, on Facebook @blackchantry or Twitter @Black_Chantry. Welcome to VTES!

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