LIMITED OFFER: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Unleashed

Unleashed Kickstarter


During a period in the 2010´s, the game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle was not in print, but the player community remained very active and continued to create official expansions. This was no small task, designing strong but balanced new cards with appropriate artwork. Most of these cards have never been professionally printed – until now!

Black Chantry Productions are delighted to bring you this Kickstarter campaign, containing four 90 card bundles:

Danse Macabre
– focused on the Sabbat sect
(First published 2013)
More information and previews

The Unaligned 1
– focused on clans Assamite, Gangrel and Ravnos
(First published 2014)
More information and previews

The Unaligned 2
– focused on clans Followers of Set, Gangrel and Giovanni
(First published 2014)
More information and previews

Anarchs Unbound
focused on the Anarchs sect
(First published 2017)
More information and previews

In the two The Unaligned bundles four extra 2015 Storyline promo cards are included: Bulscu (Advanced), Claudio Severino (Advanced), Rise of the Fallen and Winterlich. Exact content for each bundle on each product page – click images above!

This is a limited release of these physical products, only available in this Kickstarter campaign, and only available in English. While these  cards will become available later in other ways (for example as print-on-demand), this Kickstarter campaign is the only way to get them with their original set symbols.

All cards have been reworded to current templating, and some of the cards have had small functional changes to make them more in balance with the current game environment. Because of various reasons, some cards have brand new art – we hope you like it!

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