Form of Mist – Art preview and minor text change

New card art by Ginés Quiñonero, will appear in the 25th Anniversary set.

A word from Vincent Ripoll, rules director at Black Chantry Productions: With the reprint of Form of Mist, we decided to remove a complex interaction with this card and the rule that prevents a player from adding stealth when it is not needed. Most of the time, Form of Mist would work as you expect: play it as a combat ends, and continue the action with an additional +1 stealth. However, in certain weird cases, you couldn’t play Form of Mist to continue the action. For instance, if the opposing minion with a Raven Spy has blocked an action at 1 stealth and the Raven Spy is burned in combat by the time you play the Form of Mist, then the blocking minion would have 0 intercept, forbidding you from playing Form of Mist that adds stealth. Another situation would be that Stanislava is blocked by a minion with Raven Spy while performing an action at stealth: since the retainers lose their abilities in combat against her, it means that the opposing minion has 0 intercept during the combat, forbidding you from playing Form of Mist. To avoid these unintuitive situations where continuing an action with a stealth bonus does not work, we decided to add the clause “even if stealth is not yet needed” to Form of Mist. It means that you now can play Form of Mist as you expect it to work.

New card text:
pro: Strike: dodge.
PRO: Strike: combat ends. If this vampire is acting and the action was blocked, they can burn 1 blood after combat ends to continue the action at +1 stealth as if unblocked, even if stealth is not yet needed. A vampire can play only one Form of Mist at superior each action.

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