Report your Fall of London storyline event!

Today is the official release day for The Fall of London, the new expansion for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. If you play an event with the official storyline rules, please report the results to us!

This event can be as long as you like; a single game, a full tournament-style event or maybe some kind of leauge – you chose!

Your event report should include:
1. The names and VEKN IDs of all players.
2. A short description of each deck (and clan) played by each player.
3. A list of the most prominent vampires used in the game.
4. A list of the most important locations, equipment and allies used in the game
5. A description of the most unusual or unexpected actions during the game – for example, table-swinging votes, minions being stolen, successful burning or diablerie of vampires, the use of unusual action cards or combat cards.
6. The victory point and table win scores of each player per game.

Eligible game results should be submitted to the set designer and storyline coordinator Mike Nudd at no later than December 15th 2022.

A winning vampire clan will be determined based on the total event results, and this clan may receive special treatment in future events or product releases.

Note that cards from The Fall of London is not legal for normal VEKN tournaments until November 15th – the storyline events are not normal VEKN tournaments!

Storyline: The Fall of London – rules and extra cards
The Fall of London – product page with previews