87 cards added to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Legacy Singles!


Black Chantry Productions have now added a new batch of cards to our print-on-demand offer at Drivethrucards: Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Legacy Singles. Pick and mix freely for just $0.35 per card!

This time we added:
Baali crypt and library cards (including favorites as Unleash Hell´s Fury, The Unnamed and Huitzilopochtli)
Daughters of Cacophony crypt and library cards (for example Shattering Crescendo, Scout Youngwood and Paris Opera House)

There´s also seven different bundles if you easily want to get one of each card – or maybe four of each card? These give a 14% discount compared to picking singles.

All cards have been updated with the most recent layout and wording templates. Seven cards have significant funtional changes:
• Cybele: Must be unlocked at the start of the master phase to get the additional master phase action.
• Blessed Audience: Can explicitly target prey and predator.
• Herald of Topheth: Now infernal and does not require to burn pool during the influence phase anymore.
• Echo of Harmonies: The basic Presence effect does not need the Edge to be burned anymore.
• Maureen: Gaining the pool is now optional.
• Sargon: Gaining the Edge is now optional.
• Yseult: The extra card is drawn upon replacement.

These changes will be tournament legal on April 6, 2023.

A complete list with all Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Legacy Singles is available separately.

Black Chantry are constantly adding new offers both on Drivethrucards and in your favorite store – stay tuned for more!

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