Vampire: The Eternal Struggle = Heavy metal!

Hi all! We at Black Chantry Productions don´t brag a lot, but now it´s time. According to this summary on, 42 of the 50 most sold products in the store are Vampire: The Eternal Struggle single cards or bundles. Most selling, reaching “Adamantine” level, is Direct Intervention with that spectacular new art by Ginés Quiñonero.

A noteworthy detail is that the other top seller is Nisei, also known as Netrunner, which like Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has original design by the great Richard Garfield.

And YES, after some delays a new batch of cards is on its way to our Legacy Card Singles offer. This time this means a new chance for you to get hold of 2001-2010 era bloodlines cards that did not appear in Heirs of the Blood reprint bundles (first Baali and Daughters of Cacophony, later others). Fun times!