New full art promo card: Festivo dello Estinto

Hi! We at Black Chantry Productions once again support the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle game with a special promo card. This full art version of Festivo dello Estinto will be given to all participants of the 5th Edition of Festivo dello Estinto event in Zaragosa, Spain, played on September 16-17.

The tournament is a “Build-Your-Own-Storyline” event, using special rules and some tournament specific cards that are not legal for play otherwise. But the Festivo dello Estinto version is of course legal for tournaments everywhere, if you can get your hands on it! For now, it is exclusive for this event, but it might appear elsewhere later.

The artwork is the original 1996 very spooky one, by Patrick Kochakji.

For more information about the tournament, including all those cool rules and gifts, see (in English) and (in Spanish).

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