New promo: Antediluvian Awakening

Antediluvian Awakening - VTES - Gines Quinonero

Hi! The 2024 Continental Championship for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is this gorgoeus full art Antediluvian Awakening.

As an adjective, the word ‘antediluvian’ means “of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood”, but as many of you might know, in the Vampire: The Masquerade lore this term refers to the thirteen founders of the vampire clans – among the first Cainites, since thousands of years presumed to be resting in torpor, well hidden, but still somehow pulling strings in the Eternal Struggle.

The art is by Black Chanty´s own Ginés Quiñonero. Maybe some of you can see what city is in the background?

This card will be handed out at all Continental Championships during 2024.

Promo Pack 4 is now available!
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