Finally! Vampire: The Eternal Struggle for print-on-demand in Europe!

Black Chantry Productions are proud to introduce Vampire: The Eternal Struggle for print-on-demand at – yes, that is in Europe! As a start, this is a limited selection of cards in the original English language variants only. Pick and mix freely – the price per card is EUR 0,45.

Two play mat designs will be available for print-on-demand as well, and soon also Blood counters will be available, as well as bundles of cards.

Note: This service will not replace any other way of buying Vampire: The Eternal Struggle cards – it’s just another way of getting exactly what you need for your deck!

A Gamepod FAQ is available at Gamepod FAQ.

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle = Heavy metal!

Hi all! We at Black Chantry Productions don´t brag a lot, but now it´s time. According to this summary on, 42 of the 50 most sold products in the store are Vampire: The Eternal Struggle single cards or bundles. Most selling, reaching “Adamantine” level, is Direct Intervention with that spectacular new art by Ginés Quiñonero.

A noteworthy detail is that the other top seller is Nisei, also known as Netrunner, which like Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has original design by the great Richard Garfield.

And YES, after some delays a new batch of cards is on its way to our Legacy Card Singles offer. This time this means a new chance for you to get hold of 2001-2010 era bloodlines cards that did not appear in Heirs of the Blood reprint bundles (first Baali and Daughters of Cacophony, later others). Fun times!

Black Chantry at Spiel 2022 – kind of!

VTES Essen 2022

Unfortunatelly, Black Chantry Productions cannot be present at the big Spiel 2022 game fair in Essen this weekend. BUT if you swing by the booth of our distributor Blackfire, they will have a Vampire: The Eternal Struggle promo card (Kuyen to be exact) in their demo bag. It´s in hall 2, booth number D102. They will be demoing Flesh and Blood, One Piece and other games. Limited numbers available, so don´t sleep on it!

Also, if you are at Essen and love VTES, don´t miss the annual Saturday tournament in nearby Bochum “We Only Come Out At Night”!

Exclusive promo card with Mind’s Eye Theatre!

Black Chantry Productions are pleased to announce a Vampire: The Eternal Struggle promo card for Mind’s Eye Theatre Vampire: The Masquerade from By Night Studios.

The card Alicia Cortez is included in the Thinblood and higher levels of the Mind’s Eye Theatre Vampire: The Masquerade Volume 2 backer program available at It will have a special logo making it exclusive, and it will not appear in any other version until one year has passed after the release of the book.

Learn more about the Backer Program at

Art by Ginés Quiñonero.

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